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General shareholder’s meeting

Dividends and Shareholder’s return

  • When is the record date of the dividend?

    Dividends; March 31, Interim Dividends; September 30

  • How do you think about shareholder’s return?

    Takara Bio focused on improving retained earnings in order to best conduct research and development in the Bioindustry, Genetherapy and AgriBio Businesses. Shareholder return is also top management priority, as the return of profits is a basic policy of the company carried out after comprehensive consideration of the company's business results and financial position.
    Specifically, dividends of surplus will be paid at a target rate of around 20% of projected current net income or less on consolidated financial statements.
    In accordance with this policy, we forecast a \4 per share for the year ended March 31, 2018.

  • Does Takara Bio have a shareholder benefits program?

    We don’t have a shareholder benefits program at present.  As for shareholder returns, we are giving priority to dividends, and currently we are not planning to introduce it.

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