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General shareholder’s meeting

Dividends and Shareholder’s return

  • When is the record date of the dividend?

    Dividends; March 31, Interim Dividends; September 30

  • How do you think about shareholder’s return?


    Considering the management performance and financial statement comprehensively, Takara Bio recognizes a basic policy aimed for profit contribution, positioning an important business management issue to distribute profits to shareholders as well as enhancing the internal reserves to strengthen the research development activities of three business segments: Bioindustry, Gene Therapy, and AgriBio businesses. The dividends of surplus will be paid at a target rate of around 20% of estimated net income calculated without considering extraordinary profit and loss stated on the consolidated financial statements.

    Under this basic policy, Takara Bio decided to upwardly revise the forecasted annual dividend for fiscal 2018 by of ¥.50 per share from ¥4.00 to ¥4.50 due to the increase of net income from previous fiscal year.

  • Does Takara Bio have a shareholder benefits program?

    We don’t have a shareholder benefits program at present.  As for shareholder returns, we are giving priority to dividends, and currently we are not planning to introduce it.

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