Takara Bio Inc. entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with Sun Toward Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd in Taiwan, as of June 13, 2013, granting the use of six mushroom strains as well as industrial production technology. This agreement allows Sun Toward Tech to produce the mushroom strains in Taiwan, and to distribute the products in Taiwan, China and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member states.


Takara Bio was the first company in the world to succeed in developing large-scale industrial production technology for Bunashimeji mushrooms in 1970, and since then has been expanding its licensing business for this mass production technology, as well providing the related mushroom strains (currently 8 strains are available for licensing). In addition to pursuing licensing opportunities, Takara Bio has been producing Honshimeji and Hatakeshimeji mushrooms for the Japanese market.


In this alliance, Sun Toward Tech made a decision to commence its mushroom production business in Taiwan with a total investment of 2.4 billion JPY. By utilizing Takara Bio’s technical support, based on the company’s long time experience in this business area, and the mushroom strains that Takara Bio has already commercialized in Japan, Sun Toward Tech plans to start production of Honshimeji and Hatakeshimeji mushrooms in the middle of 2014 at its newly established production facility of approximately 15,000 m² in Tainan city. Under this agreement, Takara Bio will receive a lump sum payment as well as running royalties.


[ About Takara Bio Inc. ]

Takara Bio Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company based in Shiga, Japan. As a world leader in biotechnology research and development, Takara Bio was the first company to market PCR technology in Japan and is also the developer of the RetroNectin® reagent, which is a world-standard in gene therapy protocols. In addition to providing research reagents and equipment to the life science research market, Takara Bio has active research and product development activities in the fields of gene and cell-based therapy, and agricultural biotechnology including functional food and mushroom production businesses; and is committed preventing disease and improving the quality of life for all people through the use of biotechnology. Through strategic alliances with other industry leaders, the Company aims to extend its reach around the world. More information is available at http://www.takara-bio.com.


[ About Sun Toward Tech Enterprise Co., ]

Sun Toward Tech, having 800 emplyees, is a professional packaging material manufacturer in Taiwan particularly for electronic devices, producing TFT-LCD panel spacers, glass substrate, delivery boxes, CO2 vacuum coatings, and vacuum bags. Sun Toward Tech was founded in 1999 and has been actively developing, at the research center established in 2005 in Taichung, special plastic packaging materials for LCD panel, semiconductor, LED, the printed circuit board, and so on.