Otsu/Shiga, Japan – July 25, 2013 – Takara Bio Inc. announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd (“ZENOAQ”), and will start to market ZENOAQ’s CELLBANKER®series of cell cryopreservation media exclusively in Japan from August 1, 2013. The products will be also supplied non-exclusively in Europe and North America.


ZENOAQ’s CELLBANKER® series, which was launched in 1992, has gained a dominant share of the market for cell cryopreservation medium in Japan because of its significant advantages when compared with other conventional freezing media. The products provide consistent high cell viability while maintaining cell pluripotency after a freeze-thaw cycle. No programmed freezer or liquid nitrogen tank is required, and it is a ready-to-use formulation with a simple protocol that minimizes contamination risk from particles, mycoplasma, and other contaminants.


In the near future, the research market for freezing stem cells such as human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) is expected to grow substantially for applications in the regenerative medicine field. By adding ZENOAQ’s CELLBANKER® products, which are fully complementary to Takara Bio’s molecular biology products such as PCR-related enzymes, Takara Bio will continue to offer a broad range of innovative new products that support development of biotechnology research.


In addition to the Japanese market, Takara Bio has also established a strong sales and marketing presence in the American or European markets. Takara Bio will focus on sale of ZENOAQ’s products in these markets through its local subsidiaries; Clontech Laboratories Inc. in the U.S. and Takara Bio Europe SAS in France.

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[ About Takara Bio Inc. ]

Takara Bio Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company based in Shiga, Japan. As a world leader in biotechnology research and development, Takara Bio was the first company to market PCR technology in Japan and is also the developer of the RetroNectin® reagent, which is a world-standard in gene therapy protocols. In addition to providing research reagents and equipment to the life science research market, Takara Bio has active research and product development activities in the fields of gene and cell-based therapy, and agricultural biotechnology including functional food and mushroom production businesses; and is committed preventing disease and improving the quality of life for all people through the use of biotechnology. Through strategic alliances with other industry leaders, the Company aims to extend its reach around the world. More information is available at http://www.takara-bio.com.


[ About Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo. Co., Ltd ]

ZENOAQ, established in 1946, is an innovative R&D company based in Fukushima, Japan. As a world supplier in the veterinary business field, ZENOAQ develops, manufactures, imports, and distributes medical supplies (primarily for veterinarians) and animal health products. Having more than 700 employees as of March 31, 2013, ZENOAQ generated a total turnover of 24.2 billion JPY in fiscal 2012 ending on March 31, 2013. More information is available at http://www.zenoaq.jp/english/.