Otsu/Shiga, Japan – July 11, 2013 – Takara Bio Inc. announced today that it has reached a distribution agreement with Nippi Inc. to distribute recombinant Laminin 511-E8 fragments (iMatrix-511), which will become available for sale in Japan on July 16th, 2013. The product will be also supplied outside Japan through Takara Bio’s sales network.


Demand for defined xeno-free and feeder-free culture systems, which consist of known components and avoid the use of animal products, for propagation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) has been increasing; driven by considerations for safety with regard to clinical applications in regenerative medicine.


As a replacement of animal derived extra cellular matrix, iMatrix-511 was developed by Kyoto and Osaka Universities, and Nippi acquired a license for commercial production. According to the original publication describing the technology*, in defined xeno- and feeder-free culture systems, iMatrix-511 supports strong adhesion to hESCs and hiPSCs, long-term self-renewal, and rapid expansion of disscociated hiPSCs.


Both basic and clinical research in the field of regenerative medicine using hiPSCs has been substantially accelerated all over the world. Takara Bio will focus on these business fields by introducing new products and services through development of in-house technology and expansion of in-licensed products.


* Miyazaki, T. et al : Laminin E8 fragments support efficient adhesion and expansion of dissociated human pluripotent stem cells. Nat. Commun., 3 : 1236, 2012

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