We aim to contribute to local development and revitalization through our interactions with the local community. We are also engaged in activities aimed at advancing the life sciences industry through education and academic support.

Education of the next generation

Every year, Takara Bio executives and employees guest lecture at local universities about the latest trends and future outlook in topics such as gene therapy and regenerative medicine from a corporate and business perspective. We also support students in career planning by dispatching new hires who volunteered to visit their alma maters to participate in opportunities to discuss topics such as their current job duties, why they joined Takara Bio, and how they feel about their work.


We even visit local elementary schools and give presentations that explain our business to students in an easy-to-understand way. These efforts are popular among community members and they have expressed their hope that we continue them.

Contribution to the promotion of local communities and culture

We support local communities through activities such as local cleanup events, and also contribute relief funds and hold volunteer activities to support those affected by major disasters.

Takara Bio Group Sustainability Plan 2026

Theme: Support for the next generation/local communities

Measures Targets for FY2026 Description
Implementation of on-site classes and lectures at local educational institutions. (1) Continuously conduct lectures and on-site classes related to life sciences and the design of career plans of next-generation for neighboring educational institutions. ・Public relations workshop for university students (once a year).
・On-site classes for elementary school students (once a year).
(2) Continue to participate in and cooperate with local cleanup activities, such as volunteer participation and sponsorship of local events. Respond flexibly according to opportunities.

Theme: Support for victims and regions in the event of a large-scale disaster


Targets for FY2026


Donations, water supply and volunteer activities for the disaster-stricken areas.

Implement support activities such as water supply and volunteer dispatch in the event of a large-scale disaster.

Respond flexibly according to opportunities.