We respect our employees and aim to create a work environment where employees can work cheerfully and enthusiastically, create a nurturing work culture, and promote a balance between corporate, social, and private life within that environment and culture.

Fostering human resources

We have put in place systems and training programs for our personnel as we strive to achieve a corporate climate that can best reflect the skills possessed by and challenges faced by our employees in our management and business practices.

Our training program includes stratified training by job level and years of service, as well as objective-based training.

Example of stratified training program

Training Objectives and details
Training for new hires,3rd-year employees,
6th-year employees, and newly appointed managers
Training on knowledge and skills required for each job level
OJT leader training Training on the role of OJT leaders (veteran employees assigned to
individual new hires) and guidance methods
Compliance leader training Group training on compliance for employee representatives selected at
each workplace

Example of objective-based training programs

Intended participants Objectives and details
All employees Fire prevention training, AED education
and training, safety confirmation
Compliance education
Study seminar to improve IT skills
Information security education
Young tech-oriented employees Intellectual property training
Marketing Division employees Sales training
Employees who perform manufacturing and quality
control tasks
GMP education and training, ISO education and training

Promoting the active involvement of diverse human resources

The existence of diverse viewpoints and senses of values that reflect different experiences, technical skills, and attributes regardless of gender, nationality or other traits among employees is the strength that allows a company to continuously grow.


We believe that active involvement of diverse human resources at Takara Bio is essential to achieving continued growth going forward.

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Employees with disabilities (%) 2.2% 2.9% 2.8%
All employees 42.0% 42.6% 43.1%
New graduates 63.2% 60.0% 47.1%
Managerial positions 19.5% 19.7% 19.8%

Achieving a comfortable workplace environment and a work-life balance

We are working hard to put workplace and labor environments in place that will allow our employees to work comfortably, and are crafting systems to ensure that all our employees can work enthusiastically while maintaining a balance between their work and their personal lives in keeping with their individual lifestyles.

Crafting workplace and labor environments

Regular health checkups, mental health care, health consultations by occupational physicians, help lines and internal reporting systems (in Japan and at international subsidiaries)

Work-life balance

Flex time, temporary part-time work for parents, parental and caregiving leave, consultations for employees taking parental leave, reformation of long working hours, “no overtime day,” work-from-home

Takara Bio Group Sustainability Plan

Theme Measure Targets
Fostering human resources Implement measures to foster human resources who will be responsible for the next generation • Foster human resources who can achieve global business growth and bring the Group into the next generation by continually holding stratified trainings for new hires and managers as well as educational sessions to train the next generation of leaders.
Foster human resources who will achieve global business growth (global human resources)
Foster human resources using Takara Holdings Corporate History Museum, our training facility
Promoting the active involvement of diverse human resources Promoting the active involvement of female employees • Increase the percentage of women in managerial positions.
• Create opportunities to continue working until age 70.
Start an initiative to create opportunities to work from age 65 to 70 in fiscal 2022.
• Maintain the percentage of employees with disabilities at 2.3% or higher (percentage mandated by law as of April 2021).
• Further pursue mid-career hiring to acquire a diverse range of human resources.
• Realize a fair hiring system that does not discriminate by nationality, race, gender, or disability, and build a working environment where all these groups respect one another.
Promote the active involvement of senior human resources
Promote the hiring of people with disabilities
Achieving a comfortable workplace environment and a work-life balance Ensure workplace safety and sanitation • Reduce total working hours compared with fiscal 2021 figures.
• Increase percentage (and days) of paid holidays taken compared with fiscal 2021 figures.
• Maintain percentage of employees returning to work after childcare leave at 100%.
• Effectively utilize work-from-home systems.
• Raise awareness and provide information about parental and childcare leave systems by the end of March 2025.
• Establish a consultation service for employees who are pregnant or are returning to work after parental or childcare leave before the end of March 2025.
Comply with labor-related laws and regulations
Prevent long working hours
Promote diverse working styles

Human Resources-related Information

Employee information (Takara Bio Group)

Item Breakdown FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
No. of employees
by region
Japan 517 570 669
Overseas U.S. 206 202 204
China 589 587 601
Europe 81 88 102
Other* 92 92 90

*Asia excluding Japan and China

Employee Information (Takara Bio)

Item Breakdown FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
No. of employees Male 300 327 377
Female 217 243 292
No. of new
graduate hires
Male 14 6 27
Female 24 9 24
Diversity Employees with disabilities (%) 2.2 2.9 2.8
Women in managerial positions (%) 19.5 19.7 19.8
Status of
Average years of service 13 years and 1 month 12years and 8 month 10 years and 10 months
Average age 40 years and 10 months 41 years and 0 months 39 years and 10 months
Average annual remuneration (Tens of thousands of yen) 694 695 705
No. of women who have taken childcare leave 7 5 21
No. of men who have taken childcare leave 0 6 5
Women who returned to work after taking childcare leave (%) 100 100 100
Monthly average of overtime hours 20.8 25.5 24.3
Annual paid holidays taken (%) 10.8 9.8 10.9
Turnover* (%) 1.2 1.8 6.7
Average years of employment (male) 14.1 13.7 11.9
Average years of employment (female) 11.8 11.4 9.5
Industrial safety
and health
No. of work-related injuries (including minor injuries) 6 2 3
Frequency 0 0 0
Frequency 0 0 0

*Turnover of newly-graduated employees who leave within three years of service